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Welcome to Aspects - the Lightworks Resource store.
The content available on this website does not work for Artisan users.
If you are a user of an Artisan based application, please go to www.lightworksartisan.com, a website dedicated to Artisan users,
where you can download content to use within your applications. 

Aspects contains all sorts of useful resources to help you create 3D rendered images, such as Materials, Textures, Backplates and HDRIs, (High Dynamic Range Images), as well as a wealth of free materials for users of Lightworks-based applications. 

  • Each HDRI and backplate has its own downloadable preview image for you to test with your own model before deciding whether to buy the larger version.  Every HDRI comes with its own tone-mapped low dynamic range image (in TIFF format) to use as a visible background as well.
  • There are example RPCs from our partner Archvision - these are free to download and use as many times as you want ! 
  • There are also additional materials for Lightworks enabled applications, that can be downloaded and used directly in your application for rendering. 

All materials on this site can be purchased securely via PayPal.  Please note that prices shown do not include Sales Tax/VAT.  Where applicable, this will be added to your shopping cart before final purchase.

Thank you for visiting the Aspects website, we hope that you will come back soon...

NEW Aspects Content now Online

We have added a bunch of new Textures for you to use in your applications, including new Stone and Foliage materials as well as our latest Ground cover and Metal textures.

Click here for the latest new Textures...

Featured Lightworks User

Our latest visualisations have been created by Marian Jurcak.  Marian is based in Spišská Nová Ves, in Slovakia. He comments "I have worked as an interior designer for 15 years, and am currently working in the furnishing of office interiors”.  Marian is now using TurboCAD Platinum (v17) with its integrated Lightworks Rendering engine, which is developed by IMSI Design, based in Novato, California.

Marian Jurcak - Aspects Featured UserMarian Jurcak - Aspects Featured UserMarian Jurcak - Aspects Featured User

If you would like to submit a piece of your work to be featured on this site, please e-mail us.



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